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PUPS READY NOW~contact us to see their videos/photographs! 
**Female Dutchies: 1000.-1500.
**Male Dutchies: 1500.-1950.
**Special pet babies available right now at 900.
**We have adolescent, beautifully brindled Dutch Shepherd males and females available for you to choose from starting at 500.​ Most pet quality. A few working quality.
**Come pick out your favorite Aachen Dutch Shepherd or we can fly them to you, worldwide! 
Our Aachen Dutch Shepherd pups CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT THEM TO DO~it's all in the level or direction you wish to take them, besides already being FANTASTIC, naturally protective, loyal and loving family dogs!  Let us help match you to the puppy of your (brindle) dreams!
We are quite proud of our dogs, their pups and all of our wonderful puppy 
placements~we look forward to assisting you with picking your perfect Aachen Dutch Shepherd puppy for you, your family~an Aachen Dutch Shepherd that is: 
beyond BEAUTIFUL and is BOLD 
keenly SMART and very STABLE 
highly TRAINABLE and completely TRUSTWORTHY 
naturally PROTECTIVE and ever PLAYFUL 
perpetually HAPPYand genetically HEALTHY 
forever LOVING and eternally LOYAL~ 
We call our Aachen Dutch Shepherds~ 
DOGS OF DISTINCTION~                          
when you refuse to 
settle for any Dutch less
than the very best 
that this breed has 
to offer.