Available Dutch Shepherds~where you aren’t just getting a Dutch Shepherd, you are getting an Aachen Dutch Shepherd!

We have puppies that are ready for your home today and for Christmas~ and PLUS our New Year puppies are here and will soon be ready for your home!

The beauty in our Aachen Dutch Shepherds, besides their immense versatility for their ability to fulfil a wide range and variety of settings, from professional working dogs to family dogs, is that unique color! Although color is not the most important nor first criteria we allow someone to choose their puppy or dog from, let’s face it, that brindle coat color is what first attracted you to the breed most likely! Most all breeds of dogs have a range of colors, and color variations, patterns, etc…for a person to pick theirs from too! Here, not only can we assist you with YOU selecting the Aachen Dutch Shepherd for what you want to do, or for, family setting, etc…you can also choose your favorite color of too!

Had Hound Squad Radio Show out of Los Angeles contact us about talking with them for their hour program about Aachen Dutch Shepherds! What a blessing to share information about such a terrific, versatile breed of dog.

Here’s some of the puppies that are ready for your home too!

Family friendly PUPPIES are ready for your home right now! The hardest part will be picking just one~or just which one! Here’s some cuties for you to pick from!

ANYTIME is a good time to pick your Aachen Dutch Shepherd!

In addition to our PUPPIES we have ready to go home with you right now ~we also have a few adolescents through young adults~tell us what you are looking for and we can help you pick your Dutch Shepherd to get matched with your new best friend!

These puppies are high drive~great prospects for K9 sports, personal protection dogs, for the owner who wants a Dutch with “more”!


We have blue and blue brindle puppies!

We have BLACK brindles ready for your home!  Just like the puppies shown in the video below!

We occasionally have budget friendly solid colored young pups, adolescents to young adults in black, red, red sables, black sables, buckskin fawn sable etc…available! Ready for you to take home today! Ask about our “Discounted Dutchies”~young adolescents and young dogs BARGAIN PRICED for new homes! Have a few young tweenager to young adult brindles too!

We have AKC Dutch Shepherds~pups ready and available now for your home!

We have UKC Dutch Shepherds~pups ready and available now for your home!

We have CKC Dutch Shepherds~pups ready and available now for your home!

We have KNPV Dutch Shepherds~pups ready and available now for your home!

We have FCI Dutch Shepherds~~pups ready and available now for your home!

we have BLACK BRINDLES available 

we have MAHOGANY BRINDLES available 


We have very occasionally silver and black brindles



We have Dutch Shepherds that are suitable for families, police K9’s, SAR, agility, dock diving, conformation, obedience, rally, barn hunt, Schutzhund, Mondio, Therapy, Service dogs, Guide dogs, you name it, our dogs are PROVEN to do it! Need or want a working prospect Aachen Dutch Shepherd? Here you go!


Reserve YOUR Aachen Dutch Shepherd today! Get your puppy by this weekend!


Puppies for most all budget ranges in a variety of rainbow brindle colors~the hardest part will be picking just which “one!” Puppies available now!


On a budget? We can help! Pick one of our puppies or one of our young adolescent Dutch Shepherds or young adults, or one of our non brindled, solid colored puppies! Check out our many monthly payment plan options~take your puppy home today, and make monthly payments!  ASK US HOW!


Puppies available for families!  Here’s the proof~and we have tons more testimonials and videos!  This is our just turned 3 year old great granddaughter playing with our Aachen Dutch Shepherd puppies!


 We are here to advise and help you with your puppy selection for what you want~not to tell you that you can’t choose your puppy and that this is what you are getting or have to settle for.  It’s YOUR puppy~we appreciate your business!

We specialize in Dutch Shepherds only~to be the best we believe one needs to focus and concentrate and dedicate their life to one breed only~which is exactly what we do.

Here we CATER to your desire to have THE color or shade of brindle Dutch Shepherd puppy you want, and when (what month) you ideally want your new puppy, plus if you want a male or a female Dutch Shepherd puppy, all in synchrony with helping to match you with the Dutch Shepherd puppies for you to pick yours from that will blend into your home and family (and other pets) based upon our evaluations for puppy temperament and drives for what you would like your Aachen Dutch Shepherd puppy for, or to do!

We help you select each and every puppy for our puppy owners along this criteria, with YOUR wishes and desires #1! We have successfully done so for our many puppy owners around the world~even when they can not come here themselves!  So whether you can come here or we fly your puppy to you, we can help you select your puppy!

Here is what a recent puppy owner of ours had to say:

……..”These military K9 handlers picked their puppy after driving in from Camp Pendleton via San Antonio to our home, (wife is also a K9 handler and has been training at Lackland AFB in San Antonio for the past several months) then back to Camp Pendleton!  Plus the backstory along with this is….about two years ago we sold a Dutch to another Marine military K9 handler, who is now a State Trooper in PA, they both love their dogs, AND, they know each other from service!  Here’s the update we just received from our Camp Pendleton K9 handlers about their female pup they picked (from the four that we said would be great candidates for them to pick their puppy from):From: steven
To: Keely M. <aachendutchshepherds@yahoo.com>
Sent: Wednesday, December 28, 2016 5:16 PM
Subject: Russia Hi Keely!
Just wanted to let you know how ridiculously happy we are with Russia!  Almost 10 weeks old and already a gator grip and she will not let go…slick floors, open stairs NOTHING bothers her. I can’t say enough good things about your dog breeding program, the ease in which you were able to work with us to accommodate limited time to come up and test the pups, and your down right honesty and judgement. Again, thank you for everything and will keep you posted as she grows and progresses.
************************************************************************Here’s a letter we received from a puppy owner that we selected and flew their puppy to them!   We placed an Aachen Dutch Shepherd pup with a retired FEMA Official of the California State Government and San Bernadino County Reserve DEPUTY CHIEF~here is his letter below:….”Thank you very much for our new puppy.  The pup was everything you described.  Perfect for us in every way. 
Thank you very much for your time and patience.  Likely could not have done it by myself.
K.L.  Retired: San Bernardino County Reserve Deputy Chief California Governors’ Office of EMS Chief
FEMA Security Again, Thank you very much!

***We allow our puppies to safely leave for your home when they are 8 weeks of age. Well started on their puppyhood vaccinations and microchipped.

All of our Aachen Dutch Shepherds are completely up to date on all veterinary annual vaccinations, with rabies vaccination, and micro-chipped. This is quite an added value and savings bonus to you included with each Aachen Dutch Shepherd.

Choose YOUR puppy from the following:

***Select FCI European imported/titled parents for your puppies through adolescents!

***Select KNPV Dutch Shepherd  puppies through adolescents available for you to pick yours from!

***Green, started male and female KNPV Dutch Shepherds, all the drives you need for training!

*All above have full breeding privileges
Financing and payment plans available for your entire purchase: Easy to qualify~ask me how!

We have a nice selection of all ages and talents/drives of Dutch Shepherds. Ready for your training, our Dutch Shepherds are suitable for pets to police dogs.

Pups from our European Imported/Titled Dutch Shepherds ready now!

**PUPPIES from 100% European imported Dutch Shepherd bloodlines, parents are OFA’d/titled, etc… to OFA’d adolescents to OFA’d young adults for you to pick yours from!

**Come to our home to pick out your favorite Aachen Dutch Shepherd or we can fly them to you, worldwide!

Let us help to match you to the Aachen Dutch Shepherd of your dreams!

We are quite proud of our dogs, their pups and all of our wonderful puppy placements. We look forward to assisting you with picking your perfect Aachen Dutch Shepherd puppy for you.

Our Aachen Dutch Shepherds are:

  • beyond BEAUTIFUL and
  • are BOLD
  • keenly SMART and
  • very STABLE
  • highly TRAINABLE and
  • completely TRUSTWORTHY
  • naturally PROTECTIVE
  • and ever PLAYFUL
  • perpetually HAPPY and
  • genetically HEALTHY
  • forever LOVING and
  • eternally LOYAL

We call our Aachen Dutch Shepherds, Dogs of Distinction!
When you refuse to settle for any Dutch Shepherd less than the very best that this breed has to offer.

It’s not just a Dutch Shepherd~it’s an AACHEN DUTCH SHEPHERD!