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Now accepting credit or debit cards! Monthly payments available, wac. Available Dutch Shepherds~where you aren’t just getting a Dutch Shepherd, you are getting an Aachen Dutch Shepherd!

Aachen Dutch Shepherds is featured in the very FIRST BOOK ever written about the breed as being the #1 REPUTABLE place to get your Dutch Shepherd from! We are listed as #1, over only two places selected and written about in the entire United States!

We have a couple young puppies and adolescents available right now and ready for your home. Your pick Dutchie can be with you as soon as within the week!

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Dutch Shepherds brindled up like these:

Puppies ready now and throughout 2023

Silver brindles available

Beautiful brindle puppies currently available

Like these girls(and they have brothers available too!)

Dutch Shepherds currently available

Like him:
Or like her:
These boys:

Dutch Shepherd puppies currently available

Dutch Shepherds currently available

Some videos feature same puppies or Dutchies more than once

We have Dutch Shepherds that are suitable for families, police K9’s, SAR, agility, dock diving, conformation, obedience, rally, barn hunt, Schutzhund, Mondio, Therapy, Service dogs, Guide dogs, etc..and naturally protective guardians for your family! Genetic health and hip and elbow and spine guarantees~we cover the whole dog, hip and elbow joints, spine, both the inside for genetic health and the outside for soundness of body~from tip to tail!

The beauty in our Aachen Dutch Shepherds, besides their immense versatility for their ability to fulfill a wide range and variety of settings, from professional working dogs to family dogs, is that unique color! Although color is not the most important nor first criteria we allow someone to choose their puppy or dog from, let’s face it, that brindle coat color is what first attracted you to the breed most likely! Most all breeds of dogs have a range of colors, and color variations, patterns, etc…for a person to pick theirs from too!

Here, not only can we assist you with YOU selecting the Aachen Dutch Shepherd for what you want to do, or for, family setting, etc…you can also choose your favorite color of too!

Family friendly PUPPIES are ready for your home right now! The hardest part will be picking just one~or just which one!

You name it, our dogs are PROVEN to do it!

puppies ready now and throughout 2023!

WE HAVE ALL THE BEAUTIFUL BRINDLE COLORS FOR YOU TO PICK YOUR PUPPY FROM! Black brindle, mahogany brindle, gold brindle, and silver brindle!

At Aachen Dutch Shepherds Your Have Choices and Options

Pick out the puppy that you want!

We are here to advise and help you with your puppy selection for what you want~not to tell you that you can’t choose your puppy and that this is what you are getting or have to settle for. It’s YOUR puppy~we appreciate your business!

We specialize in Dutch Shepherds only~to be the best we believe one needs to focus and concentrate and dedicate their life to one breed only~which is exactly what we do.

Here we CATER to your desire to have THE color or shade of brindle Dutch Shepherd puppy you want, and when (what month) you ideally want your new puppy, plus if you want a male or a female Dutch Shepherd puppy, all in synchrony with helping to match you with the Dutch Shepherd puppies for you to pick yours from that will blend into your home and family (and other pets) based upon our evaluations for puppy temperament and drives for what you would like your Aachen Dutch Shepherd puppy for, or to do!

We help you select each and every puppy for our puppy owners along this criteria, with YOUR wishes and desires #1! We have successfully done so for our many puppy owners around the world~even when they can not come here themselves! So whether you can come here or we fly your puppy to you, we can help you select your puppy!

Purchase Your Puppy In a Variety of Ways!

  • Purchase your puppy outright, safely and securely via our Bank business account
  • Purchase your puppy~pick your puppy and take them home and then make monthly payments w/approved credit
  • Purchase your puppy on advance monthly payments
  • Purchase with your credit or debit card

Receive Your Puppy In a Variety of Ways!

  • You can have your puppy flown to you
  • You can fly in to pick up your puppy
  • You can drive in to pick up your puppy
  • You can fly or drive in, a combination of, to pick up your puppy
  • You can have your puppy professionally ground transported to you (where available)
  • You can have your puppy personally “nanny service” delivered to you via air

All Aachen Dutch Shepherds are Veterinary Health and Wellness Checked and Certified before going home with you (complete physical including: weight, temperature, fecal test for internal parasites, visual and manual, hands on palpation, which is pressure of the hand or fingers over the entire surface of the body especially to determine wellness of body, the Veterinarian checks the condition and inspects your pup for any external parasites, with a stethoscope, the Veterinarian will listen to the heart, the lungs, the stomach, examine the teeth, the proper scissor bite, the gums, the tongue, the palate, the feet, the toes, the tail, check for any hernias, check for testicles and status of descent, examine the ears, inside the ears, the eyes~our veterinarians is use a special instrument called an ophthalmoscope to look at structures in a dog’s eyes, and then inspect the ears: Veterinarians will touch, and visually inspect a patient’s ears, looking for evidence of infection, inflammation, etc…veterinarians may use a specially designed instrument called an otoscope to look deeply inside the external ear canal and inspect the ear drum. Soundness Checked (manual manipulation and palpation of limbs, knees, legs, elbows, feet, toes for soundness of limbs, etc…) and then Certified with their Official Federal Government Veterinary Health Certificate signed by the Veterinarian before they go home with you.

Your puppy has SEVEN included Genetic Health and Soundness Guarantees, including 10 days for puppy disease after purchase, and up to one year!

Your Aachen Dutch Shepherd may safely leave for your home when 8 weeks of age. Well started on their puppyhood vaccinations/de-wormings and completely up to date. Also microchipped. May also include annual vaccination boosters, rabies vaccination from the Veterinarian with Certificate for Proof of Vaccination with metal collar tag. All given as age appropriate. This is quite an added value and savings bonus to you included with each Aachen Dutch Shepherd.

Occasionally young pups through adolescents to adults available. Occasional non brindled pups available~available at special pricing. Tell us what you are looking for and we can help you to pick your Dutch Shepherd to get matched with your new best friend!

We are quite proud of our dogs, their pups and all of our wonderful puppy placements. We look forward to assisting you with picking your perfect Aachen Dutch Shepherd puppy for you too!

Our Aachen Dutch Shepherds are:

  • beyond BEAUTIFUL and
  • are BOLD
  • keenly SMART and
  • very STABLE
  • highly TRAINABLE and
  • completely TRUSTWORTHY
  • naturally PROTECTIVE
  • and ever PLAYFUL
  • perpetually HAPPY and
  • genetically HEALTHY
  • forever LOVING and
  • eternally LOYAL

We call our Aachen Dutch Shepherds, Dogs of Distinction!
When you refuse to settle for any Dutch Shepherd less than the very best that this breed has to offer.