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WE HAVE PUPPIES!  SAVE $$ on reserving your puppy early, and even more $$ on one of our young adolescent pups!


Had Hound Squad Radio Show out of Los Angeles contact me about talking with them for their hour program about Aachen Dutch Shepherds! What a blessing to share information about such a terrific, versatile breed of dog.

Thanks for your inquiry about our Aachen Dutch Shepherds!

We have placed our dogs with all walks and professions of life, from other professionals who also work, raise and train dogs, to individuals who work for Local, County and State Law Enforcement agencies, Doctors, Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians, Federal and State prisons, the United States Border Patrol, Homeland Security, DEA, Navy SEALS, etc… to placing our dogs with a wide variety of working dog sport enthusiasts. From the Schutzhund field to the Agility Course to the Dock Diving to the Conformation and Obedience Rings! Our dogs have become Service Certified in a variety of capacities for assistance with veterans with PTSD, mobility, therapy and Search and Rescue dogs, etc. We have also placed a variety of detection dogs for scent work involving bedbugs, cell phones, narcotics, explosives, etc… along with many families that select their dogs for their home companions and protectors!

The hardest part will be picking just which one! We have a selection of dogs from puppies to adolescents to adults, in a variety of colors and sizes and male or female, with a variety of suitability for your unique needs. We also have a variety of price ranges available to suit everyone’s budget needs. (and remember, we also are affiliated with a company that can finance your ENTIRE purchase!)

The more you tell us about what you are wanting your dog for, or to do, your family setting, etc…the better able we are to help match you with the best dogs for you to pick from. We are certain we will have the dog you are wanting~and after you have read our client references and testimonials below, we believe that you will also agree that our dogs excel at a variety of tasks in a variety of family settings~just like yours!