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GREAT NEWS! We have added a professional dog trainer to our staff! We welcome your question of any kind~and not just for training!

Here at Aachen Dutch Shepherds we are all about the complete training of your dog!  So when you have a question about a Dutch Shepherd, or ANY breed of dog, we are here to help you succeed and increase the bond between you and your dog!  Professional advice is just a click away!

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K9 Kennel Master/Trainer for Aachen Dutch Shepherds:

Our staff Trainer is a 26-year U.S. Air Force Veteran and Military Working Dog (MWD) Trainer and Kennel Master since 2001 with certifications from the Department of Defense MWD Training Center. He also holds several academic degrees in Emergency Management, Criminal Justice, and Law Enforcement.

Our new addition has also conducted over 500 U.S. Secret Service MWD details, deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan as well as provided MWD support for Air Force One arrivals and departures. Additionally, he’s provided MWD explosive detection for the President and Vice President of the United States and well over 30 executive protection details for high ranking distinguished U.S. and International VIP’s.


Had Hound Squad Radio Show out of Los Angeles contact me about talking with them for their hour program about Aachen Dutch Shepherds! What a blessing to share information about such a terrific, versatile breed of dog.