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Here’s puppies that are ready for your home!

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We recently flew to the East Coast for a television interview with an NBC/ABC television station! We also flew up from Florida one of our Aachen Dutch Shepherd owner/trainers and her “poster dog” for Aachen Dutch Shepherds! The television interview video is just below:

We are extremely honored to have our Aachen Dutch Shepherds included in the FIRST book written about the Dutch Shepherd!

Read about us in the Chapter devoted to reputable breeder and who to get your Dutch Shepherd from~we are listed #1! 


Had Hound Squad Radio Show out of Los Angeles contact us about talking with them for their hour program about Aachen Dutch Shepherds! What a blessing to share information about such a terrific, versatile breed of dog.

WATCH OUR VIDEO FROM TOP ANIMALS TV that Aachen Dutch Shepherds are featured in! An educational video about the Dutch Shepherd breed, with Aachen Dutch Shepherds listed as a top and reputable breeder!

PUPPIES ARE AVAILABLE NOW! Who says Dutch Shepherds can’t be family dogs?  We and our already Aachen Dutch Shepherd puppy owners know they are!  Here’s proof in the pudding as they say! We have placed many of our puppies with FAMILIES!  Here’s a family playing with some of our family friendly Aachen Dutch Shepherd puppies!

Quite simply, we have the finest and best bred 100% European imported FCI-KNPV titled, registered and bloodline pedigreed Dutch Shepherds and their puppies available anywhere on the North American continent. With over 36 years of experience, our Aachen Dutch Shepherds excel at a variety of K9 tasks and settings from family guardians, to the sport enthusiast, to professional trainers, to law enforcement. Our Aachen Dutch Shepherds can be competition Sport K9’s, to police dogs, Search and Rescue dogs, Therapy dogs, Agility dogs, Service/PTSD dogs, personal protection dogs, children and family guardians, livestock herders, etc…

Including the following:

The FIRST Dutch Shepherd to achieve the AKC NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP  as the 2018 AKC NATIONAL AGILITY CHAMPION is an Aachen Dutch Shepherd!  Another FIRST in a long history of success with all of our Aachen Dutch Shepherds~from families to US Government working dogs!

The #1 Dutch Shepherd in the Nation in AKC Agility, who competed at the 2013 Nationals, came from Aachen Dutch Shepherds!
We couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments!

UKC CHAMPION Aachen Apache! Finished and earned his CHAMPIONSHIP at the tender age of 10 months against already CHAMPIONED mature and/or different breed group WINNERS!  Plus he now also holds CHAMPION CERTIFICATES in both AKC and UKC for Rally and Obedience!

An Aachen Dutch Shepherd pup, owned by a police officer client who came here to get his pup, was on the cover of a the September 2012 Ray Allen Equipment Catalogue! We couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments!

WE HAVE ANOTHER INTERNATIONAL FRONT PAGE COVER AACHEN DUTCH SHEPHERD!  Featured on the HOME PAGE of the LEERBURG WEBSITE modeling one of their work harnesses!  They just LOVED HER and her BEAUTIFULLY BRINDLED COAT and wanted her to model for them!

An Aachen Dutch Shepherd pup, was recently NATIONALLY certified for SAR. Of all the breeds and dogs presented, he was the only Dutch Shepherd, and one of only two that passed the rigorous testing. Needless to say, his owner, returned for a second pup from us for his wife to work. We couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments!

Contact us at aachendutchshepherds@yahoo.com or 405-899-4438 about YOUR Aachen Dutch Shepherd puppy!

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State Veterinarian Inspected and Approved; State License #326. Pups and young Dutch Shepherds available from our imported 100% European KNPV-FCI bloodlines sire and dams. WONDERFUL and BRILLIANTLY BRINDLED pups that are bred to excel for any K9 sport, police, military work, SAR, agility, etc… plus naturally loving and loyal, and protective for your family, your home and your property