In the News and Achievements

Aachen Dutch Shepherds is featured in the very FIRST BOOK ever written about the breed as being the #1 REPUTABLE place to get your Dutch Shepherd from! We are listed as #1, over only two places selected and written about in the entire United States!


We recently flew to the East Coast for a television interview with an NBC/ABC television station! We also flew up from Florida one of our Aachen Dutch Shepherd owner/trainers and her “poster dog” for Aachen Dutch Shepherds! The television interview video is just below:

We are extremely honored to have our Aachen Dutch Shepherds included in the FIRST book written about the Dutch Shepherd!

Read about us in the Chapter devoted to reputable breeder and who to get your Dutch Shepherd from~we are listed #1!

We have our Aachen Dutch Shepherds in every state in the USA, as well as several American Territories, most all provinces in Canada, including one of the newest created in 1999 of Nanuvet–it’s in the Artic circle–from the North American continent through to the South American continent, from the African continent to the European continent to the Oceana continent to the Asian continent and including the Antartica continent (client phoned from there to reserve a silver brindle for when he got back home Stateside!) 
—ALL SEVEN CONTINENTS in the world, with a myriad of countries within those continents!


Had Hound Squad Radio Show out of Los Angeles contact us about talking with them for their hour program about Aachen Dutch Shepherds! What a blessing to share information about such a terrific, versatile breed of dog.

WATCH OUR VIDEO FROM TOP ANIMALS TV that Aachen Dutch Shepherds are featured in! An educational video about the Dutch Shepherd breed, with Aachen Dutch Shepherds listed as a top and reputable breeder!


  • Aachen Dutch Shepherds are in the FIRST BOOK written and published about the breed as the #1 REPUTABLE place to get your Dutch Shepherd from!
  • Top breeder listed several times, including an independent canine research site of 50 years, as the reputable place to get your Dutch Shepherd from
  • We have our dogs working here AT home for the US Government and agencies, particularly in the many branches of Law Enforcement, such as DEA, FBI, Border Patrol Agents, State Troopers, Federal Marshalls, Sheriffs, Deputies, Detectives, Officers in PD, State Fire Marshalls, US State Department officials, Navy Seals, Army Rangers, Marines, Air Force personnel, etc..
  • This man below also drove to our home from California to get his pup from our silver brindle litter (solid silver puppies cost less) He has also purchased his pup from videos and my recommendation of which pup(s) would be his best candidates or prospects for what he’d like to do, like we do for, and with, you too! From: “Steve W”  To: aachendutchshepherds@yahoo.comSent: Wed, Dec 21, 2022. Subject: Shiya Update. Hi Keely, Happy Holidays to you and yours. I just wanted to give you a quick update on Shiya’s progress. She is an amazing little pup so far. You picked out the perfect dog for me. Her drive and temperament are just what I was hoping for. At 8 and ½ months she stands 22″ at the withers and is 50lbs, so she’s my little pocket rocket. We’ve had zero health issues. She has been accepted into our pack at home and gets along with our other female well and defers to our alpha male. Additionally, she has fit right in with the rest of the dogs on the Heavenly Avalanche Rescue Dog team.  Shiya shows no fear on the mountain while at work. She rides the chairlifts with confidence, hops right on snow mobiles on command, skis between my legs safely (although she’d rather be running next to me), rides in tobaggans and interacts with all the guests in a positive way. She truly loves all people. Shiya graduated from canine elementary school last summer, progressed through canine high school and graduated from canine college with honors. Her obedience is spot on. She also excelled at Rally Obedience over the summer just to keep her mind busy. I am particularly impressed with her emergency down, something especially important for her on the mountain as she is around all kinds of heavy equipment, snowmobiles, out of control skiers, etc. She will drop on a dime no matter what she is doing or how far away from me she is. I am more than pleased with her job specific training as well. She is super enthusiastic when working and goes absolutely nuts when her tug toy (her paycheck) comes out! She is well ahead of where I would expect her to be at this time. Her dig alert is coming along nicely. I’m not sure if you’ve seen these or not, but here are a few videos of her working/training on the mountain. She is becoming quite the star! You may have to copy and paste the links into your browser. I’m sure to share that she is from Aachen Dutch Shepherds whenever people ask ???? Best, Steve W Heavenly Ski Patrol, March 2023
  • Here’s our DVM owner, who came to our home with another of her Veterinary friends, to pick out the pup from two top candidates I presented her to pick from based upon what she wanted to do with her Dutch, which was EVERYTHING! AGAIN with her multiple winning IGP Dutch, just got this update! You’ll read more about her many earlier wins, HITs and HIOs.
  • My Veterinarian Aachen owner, one of FOUR over the years, said she could have gone to FIVE different Veterinary schools, but picked OSU as THREE YEARS prior to her getting her Dutch from us, she told me she knew she was going to get an Aachen Dutch Shepherd from me, and that OSU was the closest Vet school to us!!
  • 2nd place IGP 3, high in trial protection, high in trial obedience. Go Zeevy!!
  • We have produced MULTOPLE and MULTI DISCIPLINE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS, in PSA, French Ring and Agility
  • We have our dogs working in Tanzania and South Africa in the anti poaching programs for elephants and rhinos
  • Our dogs are working overseas FOR the US Government for all of ours safety back here at home
  • Our dogs are working here at home in SAR, and also including Nationally Certified Human Remains Detection Dogs
  • Were interviewed for a nationally, and internationally, broadcast radio program
  • Flown to the East Coast for a Television Interview with NBC/ABC
  • We just recently had another Chief of Police up from Texas for his dual purpose K9, we offer place our pups with LE.
  • From: Sean M To:  <aachendutchshepherds@aachendutchshepherdsSent: Wed, Dec 21, 2022 at 8:45 PM
  • Subject: Aachen Dutch Shepherd puppies. My man David just informed me he has one of your dogs as well. He’s in CO nowadays. I had him as a new guy at SEAL Team EIGHT when I was in my first leadership position, and again when he came to work in special activities before he got out.  Cool that we have dogs from the same lines. He is very happy with his pupper. Making me even more excited to meet my man “Gunnar”. I’m standing by with $$$ whenever you’re ready. Sean. Long Live The Brotherhood. (I believe this makes at least NINE Navy Seals that have an Aachen Dutch…the best for the best!)
  • When our Aachen Dutch Shepherds are great enough and pass muster for SEVERAL Navy Seals to select—the elite picking the elite—THAT should say everything, without having to say anything else!
  • The United States of America, our Government has directly purchased dogs from us for service as detection dogs overseas!
  • Federal Fire Marshalls who came here from out of state so he could get one of our dogs
  • We’ve placed many of our dogs with LE officers, some in working capacities on duty, but more in family working capacities for those officer’s wife and kids while they are out protecting the rest of us!
  • One of our many Law Enforcement owners had his Aachen Dutch Shepherd featured on the COVER of the Ray Allen Equipment Catalogue in September of 2012. He came here to pick up the pup that we had selected for him. We couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments!
  • In a Documentary on Dog Television with TOP ANIMALS TV ~an international online documentary video by TOP ANIMALS TV ~with a subscriber base of almost 100,000 people, again, talking about Aachen Dutch Shepherds and that’s where you should get your Dutch Shepherd from!
  • WE HAVE ANOTHER INTERNATIONAL FRONT PAGE COVER Aachen Dutch Shepherd! Featured on the HOME PAGE of the LEERBURG WEBSITE modeling one of their work harnesses! They just LOVED HER and her BEAUTIFULLY BRINDLED COAT and wanted her to model for them! Our Dutch Shepherds have “super model good looks!”
  • a Doctor in California as a surprise Christmas present for his wife with his “Santa’s Helper” daughter, who is a Police Officer in Los Angeles,
    It was only after the pup was chosen and all arrangements made, that the Doctor told me that–
    he would venture that this was our first time of placing a pup with a
    in TWO different countries,
    and in TWO different disciplines!
  • Working in Anti Poaching Programs in South Africa and in Tanzania
  • Exported to START the breed of dogs in various countries
  • We have produced THREE National Sport CHAMPIONS in PSA, French Ring and Agility
  • National Champions in AKC events
  • National Champions in UKC events
  • UKC CHAMPION Aachen Apache! Finished and earned his CHAMPIONSHIP at the tender age of 10 months against already CHAMPIONED mature and/or different breed group WINNERS! Plus he now also holds CHAMPION CERTIFICATES in both AKC and UKC for Rally and Obedience!
  • 2013 #1 Dutch Shepherd in AKC Agility
  • The #1 Dutch Shepherd in the Nation in AKC Agility, who competed at the 2013 Nationals, came from Aachen Dutch Shepherds! We couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments!
  • 2018 #1 Dutch Shepherd and THE National Champion AKC Agility for 2018!
  • The FIRST Dutch Shepherd to achieve the AKC NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP as the 2018 AKC NATIONAL AGILITY CHAMPION is an Aachen Dutch Shepherd! Another FIRST in a long history of success with all of our Aachen Dutch Shepherds~from families to US Government working dogs!
  • AKC Champions in Rally
  • AKC Champions in Obedience
  • UKC Champions in Conformation
  • European Champions in Conformation
  • European Champions in Schutzhund
  • European Champions in VPG
  • European Champions in IPO
  • European Champions in Endurance (AD)
  • We have dogs titling and competing in PSA
  • TOP TEN at the 2018 PSA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS~held in Canada, with competitors from across the continents here and abroad!
  • 2018 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS qualifier (didn’t show, they probably would have WON if they had!)
  • We have dogs titling and competing in Schutzhund~back in the day, there were THREE different working dog venues for titling, they were VPG, Schutzhund (ScHh) and IPO. Now, to create uniformity, the FCI sets the world standard for all of these working dog sport clubs, and titling is now referred to as “IGP”
  • One of the several of our Aachen Dutch Shepherd owners who are Doctors of Veterinary Medicine, recently competed in the 2021 US Canine Biathlon, this is a 4+ mile running course that features more than 40+ purpose-built obstacles over varied terrain including forest, sand, and water. Of the total 588 entrants, our DVM owner earned a Top 100 finish at #80, of female runners, with only 139 runners able to finish the course. And contacted us recently for ANOTHER Aachen Dutch Shepherd for her boyfriends PSA dog!
  • Her Aachen Dutch dock dives AND is titled in SchH III, high in trial obedience awards, plus enjoys helping out on the farm with the cows or going on a trailride! When she said she wanted a dog that she could do EVERYTHING with, we got her that! Plus she competed in the Irondog with her Aachen Dutch Shepherd!
  • We have dogs titled and competing in Mondio
  • We have dogs titled and competing in French Ring
  • We have dogs titled and competing in APA
  • 2018 proud sponsor for the 2018 WDSAA (Working Dutch Shepherd Association of America) National Championships
  • 2018 proud sponsor for the 2018 PSA (Protection Sports Association) National Championships
  • 2019 AKC Fast CAT Certificate Earner, BCAT, in FIRST ever outing!
  • 2019 clocked an overall time equal to the 10th Fastest All Time Dutch Shepherd for the year ~ FIRST time competing at one weekend event!
  • 2019 clocked an overall time equal to the 12th Fastest All Time Dutch Shepherd-FIRST time competing at one weekend event!
  • 2019 Year Ending Fast CAT AKC Leaders List, TOP TWENTY, #15 doing so in just THREE calendar months remaining on the year! Imagine where her ranking would have been had she competed the other remaining NINE months and more than just one weekend!
  • 2020 proud sponsor for the 2020 Fall PSA (Protection Sports Association) Trial in Miami FL
  • 2020 proud supporter for the 2020 Winter PSA (Protection Sports Association) Tampa FL
  • 2020 Year Ending Fast CAT AKC Leaders List TOP TEN, #10
  • 2021 proud sponsor for the 2021 PSA NATIONALS! We’ve sponsored the purchase of commemerative Medallions for every participant!
  • We have dogs titled and competing in dock diving, FastCat, rally, obedience, agility, flyball, barnhunt~just about any event you can think of to have FUN with your Aachen Dutch Shepherd!
  • Many professionals who make their living with dogs or work their dogs as part of their job own our dogs, such as franchise and individual owned dog training business professionals, online blogger, bed bug detection services, cadaver search, deer trailing and tracking for wounded game, antler shed trackers, therapy counseling services, etc..
  • The Supervisor for the United States Department of Justice (JPATS facility) came here to purchase his Aachen Dutch Shepherd. The U.S. Department of Justice has their major and principal air hub facility transport center at Will Rogers World Airport for the Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System (JPATS). This facility handles some of the highest profile and worst criminals in the world~that you’ve probably read or heard about on the news!
  • An Aachen Dutch Shepherd pup, was recently NATIONALLY certified for SAR. Of all the breeds and dogs presented, he was the only Dutch Shepherd, and one of only two that passed the rigorous testing. Needless to say, his owner, returned for a second pup from us for his wife to work.
  • Even HOLLYWOOD comes calling! We were asked by the producers of SUPER POWER DOGS to submit puppy video footage
  • The dog “Max” in the movie, was bred, owned and trained by one of our owners of an Aachen Dutch Shepherd
  • A police officer who drove over from Georgia this summer for his dual purpose K9–State Police, on assignment with US Marshall’s office with K9 unit~retiring, and turning 40, so wife figured get him that Dutch puppy he’s always been wanting for himself, and his family.
  • INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION with an Aachen Dutch Shepherd, first one to earn a PSA 1,
  • who competed and placed in the TOP TEN at the 2018 PSA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, held in Canada this fall. I believe the only DS competing at the event
  • NARA Eastern Regional French Ring Championship, 3rd place
  • one of our Aachen Dutch Shepherd pups at the tender baby age of just 1.5 years, AND, their first time competing, took 3rd overall, and qualified for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP! Competing against much older, and I am talking YEARS of age older, and experienced dogs, professional trainers and handlers. This is one of our clients, just a guy who loves his dog, he trains his dog himself, not in a club, and WON!
  • A professional dog trainer who worked at a nationally and internationally known school for dog trainers involved with the sport of PSA, has one of our dogs! That trainer then went overseas to Africa training dogs for Anti Poaching. He didn’t start out as a professional dog trainer, he was “just a guy who bought one of our Aachen Dutch Shepherds”. THAT pup had such an impact on his life, that he CHANGED his life, moved, and went to school to become a professional dog trainer!
  • Aachen Dutch Shepherds is AGAIN featured with Animal Insider (all about animals) with over 8.3 million views! In the video is an Aachen Dutch Shepherd puppy listed as great family dogs with children and other pets, showing a little boy who, with his parents and grandparents, drove down 20 hours straight from Michigan to our home here in Oklahoma to get his puppy!
  • Our Aachen Dutch Shepherds are owned by Doctors, Lawyers, Veterinarians, Teachers, Nurses, Judges, AKC Evaluators, AKC Puppy Star Trainers, Flight Attendants, Pilots, Ship Captains, Railroad Engineers, Architects, multitude of various business owners, NASA scientists, Sandia Laboratory Scientists, US intelligence officers from various backgrounds of military and law enforcement, bankers, ranchers, farmers, truck drivers, wait staff ~ virtually from all walks of life
  • continuing our Aachen Dutch Shepherds winning ways with an owner’s first Dutch AND his first Schutzhund (IPO/IGP) dog. He states that he has been everything he could have asked for and continues to amaze him. They passed their 3rd IGP3 in October 2022 and ended up with “1st place in IGP3” and “High Obedience” in trial. Titan has now earned 1st place in club trials at all 3 levels at IGPTitan has now earned 1st place in club trials at all 3 levels at IGP
  • Our Aachen Dutch Shepherds are fulfilling service work in a wide range of settings, for: wheelchair bound, purple heart recipient Veterans, wheelchair bound civilians, autistic young children to adults, PTSD service dogs, emotional support dogs, seeing eye guide dog for a legally independent 75 year old lady, mentally handicapped teenager, etc..
  • Winner of hearts with our handicapped owners! We have sisters and a brother available to this pup shown below!
  • 4-H Conformation Show Champions, 6 year old male and still WINNING!
  • we have Aachen Dutch Shepherds in real life herding jobs, whether sheep, goats, chickens, or cattle!! And probably some children along the way too!
  • we have Aachen Dutch Shepherds titled and competing AND DOING-just about any event you can think of to have FUN with your Aachen Dutch Shepherd! And we have dogs just being dogs!! 
  • Aachen Dutch Shepherds have the versatility to be professional working dogs to and/or family companion, service or therapy dogs, agility or dock diving dogs, K9 sport dogs, personal protection, etc., for a wide range of purposes, from companion to work to breeding to showing, and combinations of to–really just about most anything and everything you can think of to try or to do with your Aachen Dutch Shepherd ~our Dutchs are doing it or have done it~~the sky is the limit, and BEYOND~as we had a SKYDIVER that drove down from the CHICAGO area to get HIS Dutch from us! We may have to start saying the MOON is the limit…. but then I’ve also sold a dog to a real deal NASA rocket scientist…….  even the moon may not be enough!!Wonder if Elon Musk has a Dutch!? Next stop MARS!!  
  • Since we’ve just recently placed an Aachen Dutch Shepherd pup with……an electrical engineer that was working in Antarctica at a Research Station and is now working at SpaceX for Elon Musk!!!  (We nicknamed the puppy “Mars”)
  • What’s next after Mars?! Suffice to say that our Aachen Dutch Shepherds are proven to be OUT OF THIS WORLD for whatever you’d like to do with them!
  • We are a State of Oklahoma licensed business, we have a State of Oklahoma Sales Tax Permit, and we are State and local Veterinary and Breed Club Registries inspected, licensed and approved facility
  • We have decades of further testimonials about our Aachen Dutch Shepherds’ incredible ADAPTABILITY and VERSATILITY! We have worked diligently over the decades, and a lifetime, as I have devoted my life to our Aachen Dutch Shepherds Program for YOU to have the puppy that you dream about!