Aachen Dutch Shepherds is featured in the very FIRST BOOK ever written about the breed as being the #1 REPUTABLE place to get your Dutch Shepherd from! We are listed as #1, over only two places selected and written about in the entire United States! Aachen Dutch Shepherds~where you aren’t just getting a Dutch Shepherd, you are getting an Aachen Dutch Shepherd!

We have puppies that are ready for your home today and puppies that will be ready next month!

Pups available NOW by a European imported, FCI registered lineage, that we also registered and DNA’d with the AKC/FSS, UKC and CKC registries, a dual purpose, retired law enforcement Dutch Shepherd.  Our dams of these available puppies are also both EUROPEAN imported and titled FCI registered Dutch Shepherd females~which we have also DNA’d and registered with the AKC/FSS, UKC and CKC registries!  We were the FIRST and ORIGINAL importer into the United States of both females and males that are FCI European Dutch Shepherds~and continue to lead the way!

Our Aachen Dutch Shepherds have been placed into approved homes with 30 year military career K9 Kennel Masters, with Law Enforcement K9 handlers for narcotics detection, with SAR trainers, with FAMILIES for their personal dogs and for their PERSONAL PROTECTION dogs too!

Pups available by another of our EUROPEAN IMPORTED and TITLED FCI registered Dutch Shepherds, we imported him from the country of Belgium, our FCI Import Bandit hof ter Steenveld, who is the ONLY son of RINGO VAN DE VASTENOW in the United States! Multiple titled in: KNPV IPO I, IPO II, IPO III, Mondio Ring I, Mondio Ring II, Mondio Ring III, BR IV, UV, VZH, FH I, Wh I, Belgishe Ring IV, TAT plus served with the Belgian Air Force in Afghanistan NATO Airbase, as well as a trained rescue dog who will enter buildings and woods to find people in need. Or our KNPV German Import BIWI, who not only is the ONLY Bono Pegge son in the Western Hemisphere, but is also multiple titled in SchH I, SchH II, SchH III, IPO I, IPO II, IPO III, VPG I, VPG II, VPG III.

Continuing the tradition of these heroic and incredible canines here at Aachen Dutch Shepherds, is our Aachen Arko and our Aacken Jak! ALL OF OUR DOGS ARE 100% EUROPEAN KNPV-FCI bred to follow in their bloodline heritage! Aachen Arko, KNPV registration # BRN 23325, is by the KNPV PH I Met Lof European Dutch Shepherd Arko Kikkert. OFA good at 5 years of age, elbows normal. Considered to be one of the top producing stud dogs for the KNPV program in Holland. Arko has drive, power, and courage like we have never seen in any dog and he passes these traits on to his offspring with amazing consistency.

The sire of the pups, Aachen Arko has perfect hips, back and elbows. He has a very dominant temperament, with natural aggression and is a very serious dog on and off the field. His frontal attacks are the fastest and most violent that you could imagine, his grips are punishing to the decoy, and his fight drive is extreme. He has won every hard hitting contest he has ever competed in, in the USA and in Holland! He also served as a working security dog in Holland where he hospitalized many suspects. He has an outstanding KNPV pedigree.

Arko is out of the great KNPV European female Djenna. Djenna has the type of serious temperament (considered to be the hardest and most serious female in the European working Dutch Shepherd kennel she is from) that is typical of the very old Dutch KNPV Dutch Shepherd bloodlines. She is neutral to strangers, but is very easily triggered into a high degree of aggression when challenged. She has extremely solid nerves and is very agile for such a huge female. Her retrieve and hunt drive is excellent, she bites super on the sleeve and the suit with very hard attacks. She has excellent hips, back and elbows. Djenna has a super solid working KNPV pedigree, she is a daughter of Marko Jansen (PH 1 Met Lof, Obj Met Lof) and Kyra II Stevens (PH 1 Met Lof).

Our Arko’s bloodlines and pedigree is virtually entirely loaded with European Champion IPO, Schutzhund, PH (Police Dog), Champion show and REAL WORLD proven working dogs!
We are very excited over the quality and character of Arko’s progeny~siring standup good looking drivey Dutch Shepherd pups, in a kaleidoscope of brindle colors, that are suitable for a variety of tasks and/or family settings. Let us match you with the Aachen Dutch Shepherd puppy of your dreams and the Aachen Dutch Shepherd puppy that you desire!

Pups for serious work and sport, suited for a vast array of K9 tasks and sports, such as SAR, therapy, service dogs, obedience, agility, besides also being wonderful family guardians of hearth and home~world class pups for any discipline or pursuit. Our Aachen Dutch Shepherd pups are bred to excel for any sport, police, military work, in addition to being naturally protective, loving and playful for your family!

Read our reference letters about our pups from our clients~we have owners from Australia to Canada, Mexico to Alaska, California to Maine, South Africa to Puerto Rico~with all States in between and overseas! Our Dutch Shepherds have been chosen to START the Dutch Shepherd breed in many places, as well as in foreign countries! An Aachen Dutch Shepherd started the breed in Hawaii with the FIRST litter ever born there! We are currently preparing a male dog for export to the Caymen Islands for a Police Officer! We have had military men and women in IRAQ or AFGHANISTAN phone us to reserve their pups, including a Deputy Director for the United States’ State Department for International Law and Drug Enforcement and is teaching the Iraqi civilians how to be police officers~and who has two of the top American canine trainers working under him, in his words, and who has been involved with Dutch Shepherds for over 15 years. When he had his trainers research “where” to get their dogs from~ they came to Aachen Dutch Shepherds! When you want and demand only the best~Aachen Dutch Shepherds~Dogs of Distinction.

Accepting deposits for puppies that are here now and ready for your home, or for planned puppies due soon!