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Had Hound Squad Radio Show out of Los Angeles contact us about talking with them for their hour program about Aachen Dutch Shepherds! What a blessing to share information about such a terrific, versatile breed of dog.

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Aachen Dutch Shepherds
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by Andrea Thobe on Aachen Dutch Shepherds
Aachen Dutch Shepherds

Working with Keely and Aachen Dutch Shepherds was a wonderful experience! She was extremely helpful and responsive with all of our questions. You can tell she is very knowledgeable about the breed and cares about the health of the dogs. Luna is now 14 weeks old and is doing great!

Thanks from Columbus, OH

Thankyou so much for sharing your Aachen Dutch Shepherd experience! We couldn't be more proud that you choose us and made the big trip to get your puppy from us!

by India Overbey on Aachen Dutch Shepherds
Quality of the system in its entirety

I love Keely and her staff, especially the trainers with whom I was blessed to work with for my pup, Journey. I worked with Keely while deployed to get a dog, and when tragically that dog went missing, she worked with me to get another. I was able to camp out in her property with the next dog I’d picked out to see if it was right for me. She is wonderful, professional, knowledgeable and so personable. Her trainers are passionate and treat the animals with such care. I am blessed to have worked with her organization. I have a fantastic companion.

We loved having you here to help you to make sure this was your Dutchie for you! A more befitting and meaningful name he could not have. Sending many blessings your way for both you and Journey!

by Cole Wyatt on Aachen Dutch Shepherds
Great Experience with Aachen

We could not be happier with our puppy, she is truly exceptional. Keely made the process very easy and I highly recommend Aachen Dutch Shepherds.

I very much appreciate what you just said about our Aachen Dutch Shepherds and your experience with us! THANKYOU! Keely

by Philip Krupp on Aachen Dutch Shepherds
Our puppy

Me and my dad went to Aachen Kennels to get our pup on March 13th! It was the best experience. Keely and her husband were so helpful, answering any questions we had and making us feel at home their as we received all the information we needed to take home our new pup!
-They were kind and generous with their time and with us. Keely took the time to make us feel comfortable with the breed before we even bought the puppy, she let us play with them and see how we liked them and helped educate us more about Dutch Shepherds.

Our pup, we named Blade was very well taken care of and we could tell he was very loved and cared for there. We absolutely love Blade, such a pretty breed and such a good pup! So excited to watch him grow! Overall, Aachen Kennels was an awesome place to get our pup from and we were well prepared to take home our beautiful pup! I highly recommend this place for anyone looking.

THANKYOU so much for sharing your purchasing experience! I wish that I could include the picture that I took of you and your Dad that day when you came to take him home! I think I can add it on this page somehow!!! And I'll send it along to you too! Thanks again~Keely

by Crystal and Blue on Aachen Dutch Shepherds
My puppy

Keely is wonderful. My male pup is a true brindle Dutch Shepherd. She talks to you and always responds to emails. My boy is wonderful and healthy, he’s 10 months old and stays in house. Keely is a breed lover and I truly appreciate that. I got a true Dutch Shepherd from her.

Morning! And may I say what a lovely way to start the day with this testimonial from you! Thank you so much! Keely, Aachen Dutch Shepherds

by Alec Burbelo on Aachen Dutch Shepherds

Choosing to bring a puppy home from Aachen Dutch Shepherds was such a great decision! Keely was very responsive to all of my questions when I reached out and we communicated through email and phone often. Because I live in Maryland, I was cautious about going to such a far location to bring a puppy home, but Keely constantly provided photos and videos of the different puppies that were available in my timeframe. She also took all of my preferences into consideration and helped me select a male pup who fit my lifestyle best, because I was essentially looking for a companion dog that has less drive but enough energy to keep up with my activity level. And so after a round-trip flight to Oklahoma and back, I'm now the proud owner of the sweetest little pup, Mando. I'm super excited to move forward and train him to be a great companion, and am grateful to Keely, and everyone else at Aachen for what they do!

Dear Alec,
It was more than wonderful to meet you in person and to have you here to our home! Besides that it is always an honor and a privilege when a person chooses to get their puppy from us! I certainly appreciate your testimonial about your experience with us for your Aachen Dutch Shepherd! Thanks~Keely

by Steve Dernehl on Aachen Dutch Shepherds

Keely just a update Sadie is 13 months old now and can run a 400 meter delay track off of diluted sweat . She is now in nose training for vapors and doing extremely well. Just wanted to say Thank you for selling me this amazing pup.
Steve Dernehl

Sure do appreciate so very much your awesome report! She just keeps getting better and better!! What we expect and want! And THANK YOU for bringing out her talents, and developing and training her, to BECOME the best that she can be! And the BEST is yet to come with her in your capable hands!

by Monique Misfeldt on Aachen Dutch Shepherds

Not enough good things to say about the dogs Keely produces! Ziva is smart, confident, and has great drive all which were apparent at a young age. The natural talent and confidence to try new things is incredible in these dogs. It has made training a breeze! At 4 months old Ziva got her STAR puppy AKC title, at almost 6 months old and she has her AKC canine good citizen title. She has 3/5 legs for her first dock diving title. Ziva is currently training in IPO protection sports, search and rescue trailing, sheep herding, agility, dock diving, and more! The possibilities are endless with these amazing dogs. She’s a stable dog that can go from hanging out watching TV and then be asked to get focused and work at the flip of a switch. Ziva goes to all the dog friendly stores with me and is always complimented on her impeccable obedience and unique breed. Cannot say enough good things about Aachen Dutch Shepherds and the quality working dogs Keely produces. When I told Keely what I wanted in a dog she provided me with exactly that and I couldn’t be happier!

by Morgan Gillam on Aachen Dutch Shepherds
Ezra Dutch Shepeard

First I would just like to say one thing that the drive from Michigan to Oklahoma was 110% worth it!! Our baby girl is hands down the most mello and just an all-around sweetheart. Keely and her husband are literally the best people, down to earth and straight forward, and that’s our kind of people. They made this process so easy and effortless, my husband being a disabled Marine veteran it makes everyday things a challenge and getting are puppy was not one of them. We named our beautiful brindle girl Ezra and we are so blessed to have her, and even though she has not had training to be a service dog for PTSD yet, she has already helped emotionally for my husband and our family. She makes it hard to not smile. Ezra is so good with our 4 year old and 7 year old, just how gentle she is and already protective. She will not sleep unless she has her head on the boys or at least has them in site, and if she cannot see them she will whimper until she does, she fits perfectly into our family just like we knew she would. I could just go on for days but bottom line is thank you Keely so much, you will never know how much we needed her and how spoiled she will be and we are so glad to finally became a part of the AACHEN Dutch Shepherd Family! 
The Gillam Family

by Melissa on Aachen Dutch Shepherds
Marvel the wonder pup

I still can't believe I have had Marvel over a year now...
Let me start from the beginning. My Dutch Maverick was about to turn 16 and we were told his health was failing (He was a Dutch Shepherd) Maverick was my world my best friend. My husband suggested hey maybe we should look for a puppy (Maverick loved all animals and I think my husband knew I needed something) I looked all over the web not really liking anything just kinda being blah until I talked to Keely:) She wanted to know all about Maverick my home she was so amazing. She then said we have a pup a bit older named two toes (aka Marvel)and he was perfect . She knew what we needed she is the match makers for dogs! We got Marvel in January of last year (he was already a year old)but so perfect! him and Maverick clicked right away. everyone loved him. That March at 16 and a half years old Maverick crossed the rainbow bridge which was devastating, but Marvel was so perfect he mourned with us and then started being his goofy silly self and we started laughing again.
Now a year has gone past and he still is so loving and devoted, but also still the biggest goof ball ever.
Now we got Marvel at a year old and our vet was so impressed how socialized and good he was and that was all Keely her wonderful staff, and family. They truly love everyone of their pups and it shows so much. Marvel is pure joy and I will always own a Dutchie and I will always be getting any of my Dutchies from Aachen Dutch Shepherds.....
Thank you so much for our boy he is silly, smart, goofy, protective and so beautiful
Love always
The very grateful Bland family

I am moved beyond words to express how I feel when reading your letter! THANKYOU for such a heartfelt letter about your boy Marvel, his big brother Maverick, and your touching testimonial about our Aachen Dutch Shepherds!

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One of several, of our latest updates from our Aachen Dutch Shepherd owners~this one from a CHIEF of POLICE and his wife, that drove in from out of state over 500 miles one way for their family  puppy!

They sent along a picture that is worth more than 1000 words!

April 2019:  “Wow.  What a puppy!”


Here’s a December 2018 testimonial from our client that drove in from New York for his Aachen Dutch Shepherd puppy!….”He’s been fine ever since we got to the hotel.  And no in-room accidents either!”

This is a client testimonial that we received October 2018 from our OKLAHOMA STATE TROOPER that came to our home, along with a colleague of his that is ALSO an Oklahoma State Trooper to pick out his puppy for his family and very young children!

…”Hey Keely~Just shooting you an update on beautiful Kimber. She has adjusted well and doing great. We are blown away at how incredibly intelligent she is. We are so happy she’s ours and thankful you gave us the opportunity to purchase her.”
Trooper D. Anderson

We just received this update (03/2017) for another of our AWESOME AACHEN DUTCH SHEPHERDS!  This lady is 70 years old and is legally blind.  She is training her Dutch Shepherd for her service guide dog~having done so with different breeds over the years.

…”Hi Keely, Mardi from here.  Well Sedona is doing great in her training to be my next guide dog. She can work with me in the manual wheelchair, or the power wheelchair, and on good days when I am able to walk, she also guides me while I am walking. I walk very slowly so she has learned to adjust her pace for that. She is very much a people dog. She does get distracted by people petting her when she is working but is easily redirected back to work. We are working on this intensely. People just don’t get it, that when you pet a dog that is working, you are distracting it from its job. That could be dangerous for the handler as well as the dog. I keep trying to teach the public about this, but it is very time consuming. Anyway, Sedona has learned to stop at street crossings even when there are not lights. She has learned to stop at the curbs and curb cuts. She crosses streets very well and is very confident. She has learned to stop at drive ways also. But she is a thinking dog. She has figured out that she doesn’t have to stop at all drive ways. If there are no cars parked in them, she will just walk on by them. She will stop if there are cars parked in them. If they have a gate and it is closed, she does not stop but, if the gate is open, she will stop and listen for my cue to go forward. We have had several traffic checks and she has responded perfectly by stopping and waiting until the car has passed and then will continue on. She will stop at large obstacles, like garbage containers or bicycles, and wait for me to direct her. I then tell her to go around and she picks the safest way around it. If it is a small object, like a child’s toy or a piece of trash on the sidewalk, she will just take me around it. She will totally ignore dogs that rush the fences and bark, growl and lunge.  We had our first loose dog encounter last week and I told her to leave it and she just walked by it and we continued on our way. We have been to several restaurants now, and she has behaved very well. She sits under the table and does not beg for food. We are working on lying down under the table. She will learn that when she is more relaxed I think. She has also learned to pick up my keys for me and give them to me. I am constantly dropping them so this is very helpful. We play catch with her favorite toys. But she has one that is her very favorite. It is an old de-stuffed Hedge Hog. She does play with her Kongs and she has tennis balls and a variety of other toys, but she loves that rag of an old Hedge Hog best. That is what I used to teach her to retrieve for me. She learns things so fast. She is eager to learn new things. She loves the time when we just sit on the porch or sometimes the couch and have some cuddle time. She loves to be petted and rubbed all over, especially her stomach. She is such a sweet girl and I love her very much. I am so glad I decided to get my Dutch Shepherd from your kennel. I got such a wonderful little girl. Right now, I am using a black harness that was one of my older dog’s harness. When she passes the blind fold test, she will be a fully trained guide dog. Of course, I know that training never stops while the dog is working. I will then make her a beautiful white harness like I made for Nici, my current Siberian Husky guide dog, who will be ready to retire when Sedona is a fully trained guide dog. I hope she will be able to work for me into my 80’s. I am 70 years old now. There is a trainer here in town, that wanted to buy Sedona from me. He said I would never be able to train a Dutch Shepherd at my age as she would be too much dog for me. I just laughed at him and told him that, there were Siberian Husky breeders that told me I would never make a service dog out of a Siberian Husky. Well I proved them wrong. I have trained 3 Husky guides for myself over the years. I told him that if he wanted a good Dutchie, he could get one from you.  I have also trained a Belgian Tervuren as one of my guide dogs. All of my guide dogs have been great dogs to work with.  I am glad I was able to train my own working dogs and did not have to settle for a school dog.  I have been able to pick the breeds that I want and name them what I wanted to. They have been customized to my needs and have learned far more than the guides that the schools put out.

I enjoyed raising Sedona from puppyhood and I am now enjoying training her to be a guide dog. I think she is enjoying it also. She has a lot more to learn, but I know she will learn it all and I will have a great guide dog. I am enclosing some pictures so you can see her in training. I hope things are going well for you.   Thanks for such a wonderful dog !    Mardi


Two of our Aachen Dutch Shepherd pups (reserved prior to birth) headed to SOUTH AFRICA in 2016 to help prevent poaching! Purchased by a law enforcement official for their work, as well as to help start the Dutch Shepherd breed there! We are proud of all of our Aachen Dutch Shepherd placements here and around the world!

Retired police officer of 29 years that came here from out of state, who is now a Counseling Therapist for Law Enforcement, Military, etc…for their Aachen Dutch Shepherd pup for Therapy work with her clients. (Accompanied by a gentleman who works for Homeland Security! His job entails making sure no nuclear components or guns, etc…cross over the border)

She is truly amazing. Such a sweet girl with a calm disposition. She came into the house and immediately got along with the cat and other dogs. She totally ignores the bird so we are good especially with the goal to make her a wonderful therapy dog. We got home on Saturday morning, and by Sunday afternoon she already had “sit” down pat. Today we started on down and it’s obvious she’s getting it. Thank you again so much for time and patience. I believe in God things and I think you and these dogs are part of one of mine right now. Again thank you for your time and care in helping me pick the perfect dog! I will be back for another.

Pup is owned by a police officer client of ours who drove here from Colorado to get his pup that we selected for him! We are TREMENDOUSLY PROUD~as you can imagine!

Well here goes my feedback for my Dutch Shepherd puppy that I purchased from Aachen Dutch Shepherds. I don’t know where to start but I can truly say that this pup by far is the best investment I have made. This dog is 5 1/2 months and does not stop impressing me. I felt so proud and feel so attached to this dog, it’s incredible. I also took him to start his K-9 training evaluation and they have a pair of DS, but somehow they couldn’t stop looking at Dino. He will start his training tomorrow and I am very excited. Overall, this puppy’s alertness, drive and bite is very impressive, so Aachen I will be calling you soon when I’m ready to purchase a DS female. Thank you and keep it up with your breeding program. SFC J. L. Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico

This gentleman flew down from Chicago for his Aachen Dutch Shepherd:
A serious dog with strangers and not for the faint of heart. In bite training now and was described as a prodigy during the first session. He loves it. Thank you very much…Great dog…very smart! Very! Perfect special forces dog as per trainer. Now with a police dog specialist for serious training and bite work. The bite work is needed to relive his pent up instincts. He’s ecstatic when done. Happy as a little kid at Christmas. Unusual animal. Totally lovey with us and a few people but a loaded gun with others. We can do anything with him. No problems with us. I wanted a guard dog. Boy, I got one! A natural athlete with frisbee and catches line drive tennis balls. Not just lobs but hard throws. Constantly active and demands attention. We love him…Never saw a dog like this. I’ll keep you posted. V.V.

A note from one of our many Canadian Dutch Shepherd owners:
I searched so long for a good Dutch Shepherd breeder and when I came across Aachen Dutch Shepherds I was very happy! They are very connected with their client and their pups look very healthy and eager to learn. I watched a couple of their videos on their youtube channel and I was sold, I can’t wait to get a hold of one of their puppies for myself and family! K.C. Quebec, Canada

Happy New Year from New York! Gladys is doing great! She is so smart and such a quick learner, she gets along with our two Springer spaniels very well and also our 3 year old son and our new baby boy that’s 2 months old. She is very strong and sturdy and loves to herd the spaniels. She loves the 95 acres, always chasing deer and any other varmint out of our yard. She has a very intimidating look, scares the UPS and FedEx guys by just looking at them, at the same time she is very sweet to us. Overall, she is outstanding!! Best, Cliff and family

This Aachen Dutch Shepherd owner came to our place, his credentials are he is the State of Louisiana Firearms Instructor for the State Police
He is a training machine… we will be taking his civil servants test in January. That will be the first steps in our journey to get him a badge as a K9. His P.T tests went very well. He climbs a step ladder and jumps from a 6 ft tall platform into water…the last step we need for his physical required tests is to physically pull a man sized dummy a set distance and he isn’t ready (yet). He is an awesome dog, and a great friend who’s size agility and color turns heads from the academy to Petsmart.
By the way my phone got killed in a hit and run with a 5 year old in a barbie jeep so I haven’t had a phone in about a week till now. Good talking to you! Thanks again, D.K.

We have also welcomed a Federal Government Employee from WAY deep TX, who lives right at the Mexican-American border. He and his very active-outdoorsy family intend to do alot of sport work with this pup~what was especially significant about this transaction, is that he chose our dogs over a local breeder~he realizes and knows there IS a difference in quality.

It is not uncommon for people who are aware of other dutch shepherds in their particular area, region or state, to pass them by for one of our Aachen Dutch Shepherds instead~even when it means going miles and several states or cross country out of their way to do so, or having us fly one of our Aachen Dutch Shepherd pups to them instead!
We have a saying here…..”you can not go too far for a good dog, after all, we went to Europe for ours”.

We recently had a couple as well as some Nationally Certified SAR team members (repeat purchasing owners) that drove down from the Kansas City/St. Louis area to get one of our puppies. They had looked at other Dutch Shepherds in their area, but passed on them to drive here instead and get an Aachen Dutch Shepherd puppy! Now what does that tell you folks?

All good! Bonded with family right away!! She sleep with us. Lol. She’s part of our pack. You can hold her up like you would a baby on your shoulder, and she’ll snuggle her head into your neck or over your shoulder. Once home she was running with boys they showed her the house. 100% family dog. Just what we wanted. Older male dog (9yr) no issues. She follows him and is learning from him. Which is a good thing. Younger female (2yr) they are working out the toy thing. The 2yr has high ball drive. So boys have to throw both. Lol. Thanks again, Ron D. and family, Utah

We just placed an Aachen Dutch Shepherd pup with a retired FEMA Official of the California State Government and San Bernadino County Reserve DEPUTY CHIEF~here is his letter below:
The pup was everything you described. Perfect for us in every way. Thank you very much for your time and patience. Likely could not have done it by myself. Again, Thank you very much!
K. L. Retired: San Bernardino County Reserve Deputy Chief California Governors’ Office of EMS Chief
FEMA Security (now retired to Montana)

Our repeat purchasing Aachen Dutch Shepherd owner from Alaska will be getting her second female puppy from us. Tragically, her two and half year old Dutch Shepherd sacrificed her own life protecting her owner from a wild moose on a hiking trail in Alaska. A most heroic and tragic story:
She was the most amazing dog I have EVER owned. Incredibly smart, protective, loyal, tough headed, and full of heart. Sadly I lost her to an accident where she was trying to protect me from a moose on a trail about 3 months ago. I know one can never replace a dog like her, but I am a little empty without my partner by my side. I honestly can’t imagine owning anything besides a dog with the same qualities. The female you sold me (her name was Maven) had everything. It’s like she could read my mind, or just look at me and knew how I was feeling, whether I was nervous, scared, excited, happy, sad whatever. When you have any future litters I would be very interested in owning another one of your wonderful dogs. C.G.

This couple drove down from the Northeast US:
Hi Keely, The puppy is doing great! It was a pleasure to meet you and your husband. Thank you for showing us your property and beautiful dogs, and horses too! We had a safe trip home to Chicago, and the puppy traveled super! We can’t thank you enough for this big guy!! Sincerely, D. & M. D.

This is another of our Aachen Dutch Shepherd letters that we receive:
I am currently an Acting Chief of Police for a Department on the East Coast. Back in 2006, I was still a K9 Handler in our agency and had gotten my very first Dutch Shepherd who went on to become a dual purpose dog for our agency and was certified in both Patrol Work (criminal apprehension, tracking, article searches, etc.) & Narcotics Detection as well. He was also trained in and doing a great job with the French Ring Sport. Dutch Shepherds as you well know, are a unique and rare breed that many people know nothing about and are just gorgeous dogs in every way possible. That being said, I will only deal with people like yourselves who are true experts with this breed. I refuse to just grab any breeder out there or go to some back yard breeder who has some puppies available. I have been in touch with many breeders and kennels throughout the US, as well as many Law Enforcement Agencies etc. and your Kennel and Dogs do come highly recommended and your site is very impressive. J.C.

The newest member of our family made is Koa, Hawaiian for warrior. I held him for the ride home and fed him a couple of treats to make friends with him. It worked! He follows me around like a shadow. Since then I have hand fed a little bit of kibble before I put his bowl down and he is continuing to bond with me quite well. Lynette has been loving on him too and he enjoys her holding him and gently swinging on our patio swing. Attached is Koa making himself at home and my elderly Dad holding him.Thanks, B. & L. C., Washington State

After reading everything you sent me I am so very happy I have held off on buying a pup. I have been looking for about 7 months and have come close but for one reason or another I have nixed the deal. I am looking for a dog to splash dogs, agility, trail ride with me, go with me to shows, go to work with me, do protection work and do some therapy. I was raised with borzoi for both show and open field hunting, I have hunted with dogs for bear, cougar, and boar. I have competed in a variety of horse sports, some all the way to the world level.

I work at a local (Nevada) specialty pet store and have the luxury of taking my dog with me to work, I have access to top of the line foods, variety of treats, and the most comfy beds. I have been working with a protection trainer being his decoy, and he’s been helping me look for our Dutch Shepherd.

YOU SENT US THE PERFECT PUPPY! So after a few name changes she picked her name. Cyn… A Romanian female guardian. Just wanted to say thank you again! She has been a true blessing! She’s taken to everything I’ve exposed her to. She’s already excelling at protection work, obedience, and therapy work. We hike every weekend and loves to go. Here’s a few pics from the past three weeks!!! She’s been doing amazing on training too we are working with an amazing trainer and she’s excelling at protection and bite work. Here’s some bite pics from training tonight! First time with this decoy. We walk at night with a group of dogs, 2 malamutes, border collie, pit bull, 2 corgies, a husky, a chihuahua and a Malinois! All off leash no fights! We joined Dog Scouts of America and we are working towards our first badge of basic obedience! I’ve sent you some pics of our adventures! The guy in the wheelchair is a close friend of mine and been working with us.Thank you so much she’s perfect! J.B.

He is an experienced K9 handler/trainer and currently competes with a Malinois. He purchased a Dutch Shepherd pup from us to bring along as his replacement competition dog when that day comes. Keep in mind when reading this that he has just had her less than a week!!!

I just wanted to thank you for the 7mo. old female Dutch that you shipped to me last week. She exceeds all my expectations and is without question the best dog I have ever had. She has already made a bond with me and is so fast to learn what is expected of her that it makes my head spin. In less than a week I no longer need to keep a leash on her for hikes and she has already learned to jump obstacles, come and sit correctly and with enthusiasm, to down readily and is now working on moving to the heal position from which she will sit, down and stand. This, of course with food rewards. She will scale almost vertical sandstone faces and swims with relish. I took her to my trainers facility the other day and demonstrated our progress with obedience work and then ran the agility course with her. What a willing performer, unbelievable. I wish I had a video to share. Right not she is sitting with her head on my shoe-resting before we go on our daily hike. J.S.

Here’s a letter from another of our Doctors of Veterinary Medicine Aachen Dutch Shepherd owners:
Hello! It was so nice chatting with you today about my wonderful puppy Sage. He’s about 30 pounds and I swear I can see him growing it’s so fast. Here are some pics for you. I threw in an action shot, too. The other dog is my Mom’s Shepherd. The two of them adore each other and are constantly raising cain. I could go on and on about them but I’ll spare you. J. P., Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Here’s a great way to end one’s day! Got this email from a trainer this evening~they drove in from way out of state to get their Aachen Dutch Shepherd. These trainers work for one of those HIGH END fully trained Executive Level protection dog companies~where their finished dogs sell from $50,000.-$100,000!

Very pleased with our recent purchase.. She is everything you said she was and more! Very stable, confident, wanting to please disposition. Easy to train. Bonded quickly. We will keep you updated on her progress. Thank you for producing such a high quality dog. S.L.

I just returned from a day trip (11/26/14) of hand and personally delivering an Aachen Dutch Shepherd pup of ours to his new owners in Mexico! This personalized, courier service is available to you for any of our Aachen Dutch Shepherd pups that you select. This family told us that they could have purchased a Dutch Shepherd from a breeder there in their city, but instead chose one of OUR pups~as they said ~ours were the best!

This phone call we also received from a gentleman in IRAQ, (one of many overseas phone call from various war zones, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc..for our dogs) he had been stationed there a year and a half, (career military) and upon his R&R return we shipped him one of our pups. His credentials are impeccable, both as a “dog man” and as a professional. He is the DEPUTY DIRECTOR for the UNITED STATES’ STATE DEPARTMENT POLICE OPERATIONS IN IRAQ FOR INTERNATIONAL LAW AND DRUG ENFORCEMENT and is TRAINING THE IRAQI POLICE FORCE!! He said he has working under his direction, two of the top American dog trainers, besides that he has previously owned a Dutch Shepherd, his last that passed away two years ago, and lived to a very nice 13 years of age. They researched “who” to get his Dutch Shepherd from~and chose us. He had promised his 5 year old son that Daddy would get them a new puppy when he returned. He is now retired from the military and is a Chief of Police in Georgia upon his return.

This is not the first time we have fielded calls from Iraq, or military personnel in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc….but when people are taking the time out of THEIR days to call here and RESERVE ONE OF OUR PUPS OVER HALF A WORLD AWAY~now THAT’s saying alot, without having to say anything more.

This is an update from a professional K9 Training Academy in the Eastern US~We have had several referrals from these professional K9 handlers and breeding kennel~this is the facility that not only acquired the pup for their personal dog, but will also use him in their military working dog breeding program. …”Hello again, I thought I’d send you a few pics and also let you know how he is doing. All in all, I could not have asked for a better dog. He has been great. Simply great. The only limit on his training would be my knowledge. He will go as far as I will take him, and then some. He has a great personality, he has the most kid like and playful personality when he is off the training field, and yet, when it is time to work, he switches right over to a serious mode, (no matter what the task) and gets the job done. I haven’t done it with him in awhile, but he turned out to be a phenomenal tracker. He is also great with kids and other people, and also very stable in a city environment. He also is not distracted by loud noises like gunfire, horns, etc… He is an all around great dog. Off the training field, and on it. Keep up the great work with breeding some good dogs! As you can see in the photo I attached he turned out to be a very fine looking boy… Once again, I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. Best Regards, T.R. & J.R.

We also have another Aachen Dutch Shepherd client that not only is a professional dog trainer, but also has a company that sells working dog equipment to police departments and working dogsport people, and he remarked “that he has found his Dutch Shepherd source with us”. He will plan on dual certifying the pup for re-sale to Law Enforcement. Depending on how the pup does, he will be priced anywhere from 6,500-12,500 after one year with him. He told me the other day that he has had officers ALREADY trying to buy the pup from him~and he is just barely 4-5 months old! Below is an update report we have received:
He has turned out great! He is very intelligent, has always been confident, extreme hunt/prey drive, athletic and will do almost anything to try and please his handler.
Compared to other dutch shepherds we have owned, his capabilities and disposition leaves them in the dust. We constantly recommend you guys to police and military handlers who are looking for a dutch pup of their own. Thanks again, J.F.

We have an active Navy Seal that selected one of our Aachen Dutch Shepherd pups for his family’s first line of home defense~that is~when HE’S deployed on a mission! Can’t imagine anyone wanting to “mess” with a Navy Seal and/or an Aachen Dutch Shepherd! Talk about your ultimate guardians! I believe that is our third Navy Seal to purchase one of our Aachen Dutch Shepherds!

We flew a puppy to a Doctor in California as a surprise Christmas present for his wife~their daughter, who is a Police Officer in Los Angeles, was also one of “Santa’s helper!” It was only after the pup was chosen and all arrangements made, that the gentleman told us that he would venture that this was our first time of placing a pup with a FIVE TIME OLYMPIC COACH, in TWO different countries and in TWO different disciplines!

Leo and Jo W. in Wyoming~Jo and her husband have raised, trained and shown their Border Collies for the last 20 plus years, in addition to NCHA winning horses,(another sport near and dear to our hearts in addition to our Aachen Dutch Shepherds as in 1986 one of our horses won a World Championship in Senior Cutting !) Leo and Jo also raise cattle and sheep. Plus, Jo has both nationally and internationally trialed their Border Collies. She was the FIRST team to represent the USA at the 2005 INTERNATIONAL WORLD BORDER COLLIE TRIALS IN TULLARAME IRELAND!

My Dutchie is 7 months old now and Fantastic! Thank you Aachen Dutch Shepherds! I am so happy with my pup that I got at 8 weeks of age. To be able to have a granddaughter of Ringo Van de Vastenow is very exciting! Dutchies are not for everyone, but for those of us that are owned by them..there is no other breed. My pup arrived fat and healthy, I was very pleased with the shipping arrangements made. And it was very difficult to ship her to my remote location, but Aachen made it so easy. Prompt, friendly ,courteous and knowledgeable. M.G., Michigan

This is a letter from Michael and his wife, Claudia, and one of their many WONDERFUL letters, they live in North Carolina:

I am a retired law enforcement officer and trained my pup from the age of 8 weeks as a search/water rescue dog. He recently passed away at 12 years. We miss him dearly and loved him very much. He was ‘Top Dog’ and protector of my wife and I. He went everywhere with us- Plane, Train or Automobile. He was truly our partner 🙂 My wife and I are very excited about a future addition to our family!!!

Panchito is wonderful!!! He arrived a safe, happy and loving puppy!!! We love him sooooooooo much!!! Thank You!!! I have done more with him in one day than I have done in the past month!!! Very sweet, high energy and incredible drive!!! And what a bark for an 8 week old!!! 🙂

We are very happy that we got him through you and will refer all our friends to you!!! You get all 5 STAR raves from us!!! Folks are asking us a million questions , especially our friends from Holland and Belgium 🙂 And you know how thorough they are… You know we love y’all !!! :-Thanks again so much!!! Michael, Claudia and Panchito ‘The Pistol’ Zajac

Letters from Bud and Cherie from California
We drove from California to pick up our pup and let me tell you it has been well worth it. We met with the breeder and they are fantastic people. Thor is 8 months old now Born 1/3/08 and weighs in at 70lbs Very alert and very, very smart. He is an excellent example of good breeding practice and proper care when very young. I would recommend Aachen Dutch Shepherds to any one that is serious about the Breed. Thanks again for a great Dutchie!