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Our Partners – Registered Dutch Shepherd Puppies for Sale

At Aachen Dutch Shepherds, we believe in the power of partnerships. Our connections with leading pet-centric businesses allow us to provide exceptional care and products to our Dutch Shepherds and their owners. Discover the details of our dedicated partners below:


pawTree is a premier pet nutrition provider dedicated to creating high-quality, customized meal solutions for dogs. With a deep understanding of the nutritional needs of different breeds, including Dutch Shepherds, they:

· Offer personalized meal plans

· Provide products that are natural and free from fillers and artificial preservatives

· Foster optimal pet health and longevity

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Renowned for their exceptional pet supplements, NuVet helps safeguard your Dutch Shepherd’s health. Their products:

· Are vet-recommended and produced in an FDA-registered lab

· Support the immune system and promote a shiny coat and healthy skin

· Aim to enhance overall vitality and life span

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Activz is a global leader in producing advanced health and wellness products for pets. Their partnership allows us to:

· Access cutting-edge supplements that boost our dogs’ physical and mental performance

· Offer our clients effective products for stress management and joint health

· Embrace a holistic approach to canine health

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LifeVantage offers supplements for owners and pets alike. Their Petandim for Dogs provides:

· Reduced oxidive stress

· Support for your dog’s cellular health

· Omega-3 fatty acids and collagen in a meat-flavored chewable treat

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Life’s Abundance

Committed to producing nutrient-rich pet foods, Life’s Abundance ensures our Dutch Shepherds receive balanced diets. They:

· Create recipes vet-formulated for each life stage

· Prioritize premium, natural ingredients and essential nutrients

· Foster the health and vitality of our Dutch Shepherds from puppyhood to adulthood

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By fostering these strategic partnerships, Aachen Dutch Shepherds ensures every dog under our care enjoys the benefits of premium-quality products and cutting-edge health solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our partnerships with this companies.