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Aachen Dutch Shepherds is featured in the very FIRST BOOK ever written about the breed as being the #1 REPUTABLE place to get your Dutch Shepherd from! We are listed as #1, over only two places selected and written about in the entire United States! Videos- traditional brindle colors available and we are the exclusive home to THE RAREST brindle color combination in the Dutch Shepherd breed, our silver brindles! Reserve yours now, puppies available!

News Stories

Catch us in action on NBC/ABC in our featured news stories. Watch our comprehensive interview conducted on the East Coast, including appearances from one of our loyal Aachen Dutch Shepherd owner/trainers and her “poster dog.” Witness firsthand the passion and dedication we have for our dogs.

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Silver Brindle Puppies

See our rare silver brindle Dutch Shepherd puppies in action by checking out our videos below!

[Videos Here]

Black Brindle Puppies

Marvel at the striking beauty of our black brindle puppies. These videos showcase their lively and spirited nature, and of course, their eye-catching color.

[Videos Here]

Mahogany Brindle Puppies

Meet some of our mahogany brindle puppies. The videos in this section display their rich coat color and their playful demeanor.

[Videos Here]

Gold Brindle Puppies

The videos here capture the vibrance of their golden coats and the infectious joy they bring.

[Videos Here]

Puppies for Sale

Interested in welcoming a Dutch Shepherd into your family? Look no further. Below are some videos of our available puppies for sale.

[Videos Here]

At Aachen Dutch Shepherds, we are proud of the community we’ve built and the Dutch Shepherds we breed. We hope our video gallery brings you closer to the world of our exquisite dogs. Contact us today to learn more!

Videos showcasing the variety of beautiful brindle Aachen Dutch Shepherds we can have available for you to select yours from~contact us to pick YOURS! ( of course, with consultation and a couple questions first to help you to get matched to your best choices!) Although color is not the most important aspect, it is neither unimportant! After all, isn’t that flashy brindle coat color what attracted you and got your attention for the breed in the first place?

Black brindle
Mahogany brindle
Gold brindle
Silver brindle

silver brindle puppies available right now!

silver brindle puppy available right now

silver brindle

Or if you are looking for a young pup or adolescent look at these beauties!

PUPPIES ARE AVAILABLE NOW! Who says Dutch Shepherds can’t be family dogs while they work?  We and our already Aachen Dutch Shepherd puppy owners know they are!  Here’s proof in the pudding as they say! We have placed many of our puppies with FAMILIES!  Here’s a family playing with some of our family friendly Aachen Dutch Shepherd puppies! And always, the common request for any of our Aachen Dutch Shepherds is for the families’ protection!

Puppies For Sale!